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Statistics shouldn't be an obstacle; it should be an enabler.
Lower anchor and dive into the richness of your data.

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Business Analytics and Forecasting

What will sales be like next year? Who are my most profitable clients? What really causes my customers to leave? Gain insight from the data you already have, and guidance for new data collection, to understand your customers and plan for the future.

Social Science Statistics

You're the domain expert in your field. You've immersed yourself to understand your discipline, but you can't be expected to be a stats expert, as well. Get the most you can out of your data, and go deeper in your research. Clients have come from fields as diverse as psychology, sociology, leadership, nursing, business, and more.

Dissertation / Thesis Help

At any stage in your thesis -- whether early proposal, research ethics (REB/IRB) application, data collection, or analysis -- I'm here as an advisor, an encourager, to walk alongside you in your journey through your data. I've been there before; there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Free initial consultation

Contact me to setup your free half-hour consultation, in-person anywhere in the Greater Vancouver, BC area, or via teleconference anywhere in the world.